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Industrial Oil Water Separator System

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The MHCY type chemical degreaser is specially designed to handle the oil contained in the continuous casting and rolling mill of metallurgical enterprises. Chemical degreasing equipment designed and developed by iron oxide sewage (turbid water). Chemical degreasing is to add chemical agents. After mixing, the oil, iron oxide skin and other suspended solids in the water are separated by coagulation and flocculation to achieve the purpose of purifying water.


When the influent oil content is less than 100mg/l and the suspended solids (ss) content is about 200mg/l, the effluent oil content is stable below 10mg/l, and the suspended solids (ss content is below 25mg/l. Professionally used as steel enterprise, petroleum Oily wastewater treatment in chemical, oilfield, shipbuilding and shipbreaking, oil tanker cleaning, mining, machining and other industries.


(1) For the steel-making continuous casting of steel enterprises and the oily wastewater discharged from the rolling mill, the water treatment process is recommended as follows:

Workshop oily wastewater→swirl sedimentation tank→chemical degreaser→circulating pump house→cooling tower→user

(2) For other industries, such as heavy machinery, oil fields, oil refining, petrochemical and other industries, the water treatment process is recommended:

Oily wastewater → chemical degreaser → reuse or discharge.

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